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Native Earth Presents: Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way

By Monique Mojica
A Chocolate Woman Collective Production

January 29 – February 3, 2013

Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way written and performed by Toronto actor/playwright Monique Mojica and performed with Gloria Miguel of New York’s Spiderwoman Theater is directed by renowned Guna theatre artist José Á. Colman.

Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way layers the stories of a girl soldier, Daughter from the Stars, and Sky Woman Falling (First Woman) with retellings of cultural stories of the Grandmothers of Creation. The play weaves realities to create a daring, thought provoking performance. An embodied journey of reclamation rooted in the Guna cosmology, this performance animates the narratives encoded in traditional molas (textiles).

Chocolate Woman Collective reclaims Indigenous cultures through artistic process.

Remount Director: Jill Carter
Actor & Artistic Director: Monique Mojica
Elder & Master Actor: Gloria Miguel
Stage Manager & Producer: Gia Nahmens
Premier Assistant Director, Principal Spanish / English Translator: Alberto Guevara
Composer: Marden Paniza
Sound & Lighting Design: Michel Charbonneau
Set Designer: Oswaldo “Achu” de Leon Kantule
Dramaturg: Ric Knowles
Premier Director, Translator to Dulegaya & Cultural Consultant: José Á. Colman
Textile Designer, Costume Designer & C0-Set Designer: Erika Iserhoff

Photo of Monique Mojica by Juan Camilo Palacio

Aki Studio Theatre – 585 Dundas St. E. Toronto, ON
East of Parliament Street, inside the Daniels Spectrum building


The show dates/times are:

Tuesday, Jan. 29th @ 12:30pm Student Matinee
Wednesday, Jan. 30th @ 8pm Opening Night
Thursday, Jan. 31st @ 8pm
Friday, Feb. 1st @ 8pm
Saturday, Feb. 2nd @ 8pm
Sunday, Feb. 3rd @ 2:30pm

Ticket Prices:

Evening Performances: $20
Matinee: $15
Elders/Group Rate/Arts Workers: $10

Box Office: 1-800-204-0855

Native Earth Presents: Café Daughter

By Kenneth T. Williams
A Gwaandak Theatre Production

January 15-20, 2013

@ The Aki Studio Theatre

Café Daughter is a one-woman show inspired by the life of Dr. Lillian E. Quan Dyck.  This family friendly show is about a Chinese Canadian Cree girl growing up in rural Saskatchewan.  The story begins in 1957: 10-year old Yvette Wong helps out in her parents’ café.  Her mother has charged her with a secret – to never tell anyone she’s part Cree.  She’s incredibly bright and dreams of becoming a doctor, but is put in the slow learners’ class because of her skin colour.  This occurs at a time when Aboriginal children are forced into residential schools, provincial law forbids Caucasian women from working in Chinese-owned businesses, and Chinese-Canadian men struggle to bring families to Canada.

Don’t miss this twelve-character virtuoso performance by PJ Prudat.

Starring: PJ Prudat
Directed by Yvette Nolan
Set Design: Linda Leon
Lighting Design: Michelle Ramsay
Sound Design: Jona Barr & K. Scott Maynard
Costume Design: Linda Talbot
Stage Management: Richard Cliff
Photo of PJ Prudat by Juan Camio Palacio

Aki Studio Theatre – 585 Dundas St. E. Toronto, ON

East of Parliament Street, inside the Daniels Spectrum building


The show dates/times are:

Tues, Jan 15 8PM PREVIEW
Wed, Jan 16 12:30PM (student matinee) 8PM OPENING
Thurs, Jan 17 8PM
Fri, Jan 18 8PM
Sat, Jan 19 2:30PM, 8PM
Sun, Jan 20 2:30PM

Ticket Prices:

Evening Performances: $20
Matinee: $15
Elders/Group Rate/Arts Workers: $10


Box Office: 1-800-204-0855

Weesageechak Begins to Dance XXV


Weesageechak 25
Photo of PJ Prudat by Juan Camilo Palacio

Come join Native Earth for the 25th annual Weesageechak Begins To Dance Festival! We have an amazing line up for this new play festival and all will be performed in our brand new Aki Studio Theatre located at the Daniels Spectrum building.

November 14th @ 8pm
DOMINION by Andréa Ledding
Director/Dramaturg: David Geary
Cast: Herbie Barnes, Falen Johnson, Nicole Joy-Fraser, and Rick Campbell

Inspired by a Dakota speaker’s response to the 2008 residential school apology, the one-act follows the story of Jack and Marie-Phillipe, an unhappily married couple, and Nimitaw and Tatawaw, who are barely managing – living, as they do, in a locked bathroom in their former home, a home now occupied by British Jack & French Marie-Philippe.

Following the performance of DOMINION will be the official launch of Turtlesback portal, hosted by our jazzy board president, Jed DeCory!

November 15th @ 8pm
UNRELATED by Daina Ashbee *Show contains nudity, not recommend for children.
Dramaturg: Michael Greyeyes
Cast: Emily Law, Daina Ashbee, Maxine Chadburn and Mariana Meinke

This dance piece explores the theme of the struggle by Aboriginal women to reconstruct their identities in a cultural setting hostile to self-definition. When women cannot see themselves as part of nature, they cannot see themselves and this is the origin of Aboriginal women’s problems with identity. Come and join dramaturge Michael Greyeyes for the exploration!

November 16th @ 8pm

Our emerging playwriting program has grown to two levels of development. The initial stage Animikiig (formerly Young Voices) and the second tier Thundering Voices (in honour of our late friend and elder Helen Thundercloud) bring us some amazing work for our Friday night festivities. Justin Many Fingers, Emilie Monnet, Cathy Elliott, and Dakota Hebert will be presenting excerpts from pieces in development. This night is always packed to the rafters with good times, so bring your friends and come early!

November 17th @ 2:30pm
WHEN THE FISH MET THE TURTLE by Sharada K. Eswar & Rosary Spence
Director/Dramaturg: Jani Lauzon
Cast: Sharada K. Eswar & Rosary Spence

We are proud to present When The Fish Met The Turtle, a multicultural collaboration between South Asian Canadian storyteller, writer and vocalist Sharada K. Eswar & Cree singer, songwriter and storyteller Rosary Spence. Together they work to blend inspiration, languages and cultures to evoke universal themes and emotions.

November 17th @ 8pm
HEAT LIGHTNING by Drew Hayden Taylor
Director/Dramaturg: Tara Beagan
Cast: Monique Mojica, Derek Garza, Jasmine Chen, and Moynan King

To close out the festival, we welcome back youthful theatre vet Drew Hayden Taylor with his latest piece, a comedic drama HEAT LIGHTNING.

Dates: Nov. 14th – 17th
Location: Aki Studio Theatre, 585 Dundas Street East  Toronto, ON M5A 2B7
Tickets Cost:Regular: $15
Elders/Group Rate/Arts Workers: $10
Festival Pass: $30
People under 16 and underemployed: free!

Box Office: 1-800-204-0855

Daniels Spectrum, Artscape

Aki Studio

NEPA helms a beautiful black box, convertible,
creation/rehearsal/performance space in Regent Park.
The Aki Studio Theatre is available for rentals, and flexible enough to become your new favourite venue.

Situated on the Dundas Streetcar line at 585 Dundas East (Dundas at Sackville), Aki is accessible and easy to get to.

For information on Aki Studio click here.

Weesageechak Submission call

Weesageechak Begins To Dance XXV SUBMISSIONS CLOSED
Call For Submissions

Native Earth celebrates the 25th anniversary of our new works festival, in our 30th anniversary season. We seek applications from artists who are developing works at every phase. Creators should have a genuine desire to uncover the project’s true shape in a collaborative process.

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2012/13 Treason Season announcement

Métis, Cree and Assiniboine men, under arrest as rebels, Regina 1885.
photo by O.E. Buell, Government of Canada Archives

TREASON SEASON at Native Earth Performing Arts

2012/13 brings the anniversary of a colonial war that we hereby decline to euphemistically celebrate. With respect and gratitude to those colleagues who endeavour to include the First Nations presence in their commemorative projects, Native Earth will forego the glorification of selected, sustained, government sanctioned acts of violence in honour of the undeclared wars our people continue to fight.

As we enter our thirtieth year of professional contemporary Indigenous performing arts, at long last, we arrive at home. The power of space is known all too well to our people, and it is with thoughtful care that we cast roots into the earth of Regent Park. The neighbourhood’s moniker, and its recently displaced peoples set into sharp relief how great a responsibility it is, as original caretakers of this land, to be entrusted with a venue. It is with this understanding that we set forth into a season that proclaims the everyday victories of our people.

This season is a dedication.

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