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Weesageechak 30

Our Annual Festival of Indigenous Work

November 15-25, 2017
7:30pm | Aki Studio

Tickets $15
Festival Passes $60 by phone


Celebrating our 30th year, Native Earth welcomes artists representing the span of the festival and the company’s history through an array of works-in-development and presentations in dance, theatre and interdisciplinary styles.  We welcome back familiar faces and introduce audiences to emerging creators just coming onto the scene.

This year’s festival opens with a workshop preview of Vancouver Moving Theatre’s Weaving Reconciliation, in partnership with Jumblies Theatre, which will return to Aki Studio for its premiere in June 2018. We once again partner with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre to present the 2-Spirit Cabaret, and bring back the Professional Development Series.

Taking place over two weeks in Aki Studio, this festival offers audiences access to the rich and diverse Indigenous experiences as expressed through the arts. Join us in the celebration!


Weaving Reconciliation
presented by Vancouver Moving Theatre

Bury by Alanis King
White Noise by Taran Kootenhayoo
The Weekend presented by Moogahlin Performing Arts

Riot Resist Revolt Repeat by Frances Koncan
Whale Killer by Kenneth Williams

The Last Dance by Yvonne Wallace
Starlight Journey by Josh Languedoc
Hate Mail by Spy Denomme-Welch

link by Aria Evans
Ruby Comfort by Ian Cusson
Survivance by Sarah Gartshore

Ursa Majoris by Celeste Sansregret
Lonecloud by Cathy Elliott

Bad Indian by Brefny Caribou
Echoes by Olivia Shortt
Forest Floor by Kristy Janvier

Curated & Hosted by Michaela Washburn
in partnership with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Deer Woman by Tara Beagan
The Seventh Fire by Lisa Ravensbergen

TICKETS Available soon.

Single Tickets $15.
$60 Festival Passes available by telephone.
Purchases made online or by telephone are by credit card only.
At the door payments accepted by cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard.
For information on group rates, call the box office at 416-531-1402 x 34.

Box Office Telephone: 416-531-1402 x 34 


October 4-8, 2017
Tickets $13-18
Aki Studio &
Ada Slaight Hall


Inclusive – discursive – daring – unapologetic – Aluna Theatre invites you to CAMINOS 2017, a festival of new works-in-progress from local Pan-American, Indigenous, and Latinx artists who are pushing the boundaries of theatre, dance, performance art, music, visual arts, installation, and film.

The CAMINOS 2017 line-up includes works by Leslie Baker with Emma Tibaldo and Joseph Shragge (Montreal); Augusto Bitter; Martha Chaves; Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh; Monica Garrido; Beatriz Pizano; Victoria Mata; Aemilius Milo and lwrds duniam; Jivesh Parasram; Lido Pimienta and Gein Wong; Charles C. Smith; Toronto Laboratory Theatre; Nawi Moreno-Valverde and Melissa Anne Fearon; Irma Villafuerte; and Gabriela Guerra Woo (Mexico City).

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For all the details, including festival line-up,
visit the CAMINOS website.

4 a 8 de octobre, 2017
Entrada $13-18
Aki Studio &
Ada Slaight Hall


Inclusivo- discursivo- atrevido- ¡incorregible! Aluna Theatre te invita a CAMINOS 2017, un festival de nuevos trabajos en curso de artistas panamericanos locales, transindígenas, y latinx, quienes desafían los límites del teatro, danza, performance, música, artes visuales y cine.

La programación de CAMINOS 2017 incluye piezas creadas por Leslie Baker con Emma Tibaldo y Joseph Shragge (Montreal); Augusto Bitter; Martha Chaves; Peter Chin y Jeremy Mimnagh; Monica Garrido; Beatriz Pizano; Ximena Huizi; Victoria Mata; Aemilius Milo y Lourdes Duniam; Jivesh Parasram; Lido Pimienta y Gein Wong; Charles C. Smith; Toronto Laboratory Theatre; Nawi Moreno-Valverde y Melissa Anne Fearon; Irma Villafuerte; y Gabriela Guerra Woo (Ciudad de México).

Compre Billetes

Founded in 2001 as a response to the misrepresentation and under-representation of cultural diversity on our stages, Aluna Theatre aimed to form a new and distinct language of theatrical presentation. For over a decade, Aluna Theatre has been attempting to shift the scales of imbalance by bringing social justice, equality and human rights to the forefront of all productions.

Aluna Theatre fue fundada en el 2001 con el objetivo de desarrollar un lenguaje teatral original y como respuesta a la poca y mala representación de artistas de diversas culturas en la escena canadiense, especialmente artistas inmigrantes de América Latina. Por más de una década, Aluna Theatre ha intentado cambiar las pesas de la balanza abordando los temas de justicia social, igualdad y derechos humanos en todas sus producciones.

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From AD Keith Barker

Nothing beats a good story. The best storytellers can make 8 hours of data-entry riveting. As a theatre maker I am always striving to be a better storyteller. When I am in a room full of talented storytellers, it is the best kind of alchemy. I laugh more, cry more, argue more, think more, but most of all, I remain present. This is the gift of good storytelling and live theatre.

This is why I feel our Weesageechak Festival is so important in the work we do. It allows artists to bring work in its rawest form to the stage; sharing the guts of it whiles the blood and sweat of creation is still wet on the floor. It is a culmination of playwrights madly writing, dancers and choreographers building physical language, dramaturges finely tuning words to the action, while actors put action to words. This is the energy that fills the Aki Studio on any given night of the festival, and is what makes Weesageechak so special.

That energy of creation and the excitement in finding new ways of approaching the work is why we programmed Ipperwash this season. The play comes to us fresh from its success at the Blyth Festival this past season. The collaboration with the communities of Stony and Kettle Point First Nation is unlike anything I have seen before. Falen Johnson and Jessica Carmichael have done a lot of work to honour the story of resistance, resilience and reclamation.  We along with Blyth Artistic Director Gil Garratt are excited to give Ipperwash a second production in Toronto. Falen and Jessica are talented creators who have played a huge part in the success of Native Earth and we are honoured to have them in our 2017/18 season.

Finding Wolastoq Voice is a piece I have been excited about since I first heard about it. Five minutes on the phone with its creator Samaquani Cocahq (The Water Spirit) Natalie Sappier, and I was sold. Her passion for the work is impressive. Her clarity and vision infectious. She has partnered with the equally talented Artistic Director of Theatre New Brunswick, Thomas Morgan Jones to create this stunning work. Rarely have we had the opportunity to partner with an East Coast company, so we jumped at the chance to partner with Theatre New Brunswick to showcase the hugely talented Natalie Sappier, Aria Evans, and the gifted design team of Andy Moro and Michael Doherty, directed by Thomas Jones. This is a piece not to be missed.

In closing, this year I will work on trying to connect more with artists, to be more generous with people, to lead with empathy not judgement, and to celebrate this life through art (and hockey). I look forward to seeing many of you at the theatre. What a gift. All my relations, K.

2017-2018 Season


Presented in partnership with Aluna Theatre
October 4-8, 2017 | Aki Studio & Ada Slaight Hall
Single Ticket: Free – $18


November 15-25, 2017 | Aki Studio
Single Ticket: $15


Native Earth presents a Blyth Festival Production
February 6-18, 2018 | Aki Studio
Single Ticket: $15 – 25


Native Earth presents a Theatre New Brunswick Production
March 29-31, 2018 | Aki Studio
Single Ticket: $20 – 25


May 14-20, 2018 | Aki Studio


June 2018 | Aki Studio

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HUFF 2017

A Native Earth Performing Arts Production

by Cliff Cardinal

Oct 16-28 Soulpepper Theatre

Two-time winner and four-time nominee for the Dora Mavor Moore Award, Native Earth’s production of Cliff Cardinal’s Huff is back in Toronto this October!

Huff premiered at Aki Studio as part of Native Earth’s 2015 season. In 2016, Huff had an enormously successful nine-city national tour, followed by an international tour in 2017 to Australia and England, with an additional stop in Manitoba.

Returning to the city this fall, Native Earth’s production of Huff will be shown at Soulpepper Theatre from Oct 16 to 28 in partnership with former Artistic Director Ryan Cunningham’s Cunning Concepts & Creation. For more details of the upcoming show.

Director & Dramaturge Karin Randoja
Playwright & Performer Cliff Cardinal
Set & Costume Designer Jackie Chau
Lighting Designer Michelle Ramsay
Sound Designer Alex Williams
Stage Manager Jennifer Stobart
Production Manager Pip Bradford

Click here for the full production history.

“Huff, is arresting, confronting, and oddly comedic”
– The AU Review