Native Earth is run by a team of dedicated artistic administrative staff who are working theatre practitioners. We are also supported by a strong and vibrant volunteer base.

Artistic Director
Keith Barker
416-531-1402 x 26

Managing Director
Isaac Thomas
416-531-1402 x 25

Artistic Associate
Lisa Nasson

Venue Coordinator
Bryan-Clifford Batty
416-531-1402 x 28

Marketing Coordinator
Mirae Lee
416-531-1402 x 27

Patron Services Coordinator
Alexander Franks
416-531-1402 x 23

Patron Services Representatives
Jessica Bowmer
Rebecca Cuddy
Sophie Dow
Chanakya Mukherjee
Joelle Peters
Elizabeth Staples
Kaitlynn Tomaselli

Box Office
416-531-1402 x 34

Administrative Assistant
Chanakya Mukherjee

Arts Management Intern
Kristen Francis

Animikiig Creators Unit Director
Diana Belshaw

Weesageechak 31 Festival Producer
Ulla Laidlaw

2018-2019 Season Visuals by Mariah Meawasige
Design by Harley Haskett