2013/14 Season in Depth: Of Community

We all had that childhood friend who returned from summer holidays half a foot taller, hints of their adult face emerging in their familiar teenaged face and speaking in a more oaken timbre.

“I don’t remember growing up. Not really. I remember school shopping but I don’t remember ever thinking, Wow, my feet are bigger today, better get new shoes!”

– from In Spirit our 2013/14 featured production

As Native Earth Performing Arts (NEPA) enters its second year at the Aki Studio Theatre, our home in Regent Park, we look back in wonder, paying honour to the lessons accompanied by growing pains and buoyed by rallying family. Many First Nations have coming-of-age ceremonies. This season is ours.

As we enter our 31st year of professional contemporary Indigenous performing arts, we have “Community” as the central thematic link for our work and welcome you to be a part of our growing family at the Aki Studio Theatre.

Yours in solidarity,

Tara Beagan               Artistic Director

Isaac Thomas             General Manager

*Prudat’s residency is supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

photo by O.E. Buell,  Government of Canada Archives
Metis and Assiniboine men under arrest for treason, 1885  photo by O.E. Buell, Government of Canada Archives

Featured photo of NEPA friends and family, by Juan Camilo Palacio