Takin’ Pride

What’s in a name? A school battles over its team name and logo.

Takin’ Pride deals with the use of Aboriginal imagery in sports logos. The show was commissioned by Westhill Collegiate in 2009 to facilitate the discussion around the desire to change their team “Warrior” logo. Using material from interviews with teaching staff and students alike, Yvette Nolan’s piece is a funny and poignant look at the appropriation of and misinformation about First Nation’s iconography.
Takin’ Pride was also generously supported by the Aboriginal Education Toronto District School Board.

A Study guide has been created to support the presentation, to see an excerpt of the guide click here.

“Thank You Native Earth for this ….the power of performance!”
~Louise Azzarrelo – Westhill Collegiate

Articles that have been written and a nightly news piece in response to Westhill Collegiate changing their school logo.

“So many warriors to pick from” by Mike Strobel – Toronto Sun Dec 6 2009
“Schools logo must go” by Brett Clarkson & Tom Godfrey – Toronto Sun Dec 4 2009
School Logo Controversy by Anthony Robart Global News Television

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