performance: “the body in action: paths toward a personal cartography”

Lead Instructor: Violeta Luna
Presented in association with the 35th Rhubarb Festival & Hub 14
February 22 – 26, times: 2pm – 6pm
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Participants will use their body and voice as the territory for creation and will develop a vocabulary of actions from their personal complexities of memory, identity and their individual and social understanding of race, gender and sexuality.

Violeta Luna is a Performance artist and activist whose work is wholly interdisciplinary exploring the relationship between theatre, performance art and community engagement. Her work deals with notions of immigration, cultural identity, traditions, authenticity, rights, cultural access and ownership in the age of globalization. She uses text, movement, video, visual arts, and installation to create pieces that challenge our notions of this place we call America.


photography: “bodies and territories”

Lead Instructor: Julio Pantoja
February 24 to March 5, times: TBA
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Highly practical photography workshop, covering technical and conceptual skills to create work inspired by the theme of Panamerican ROUTES | RUTAS Panamericanas “building communities: how do we live together?”

Julio Pantoja is a documentary photographer and journalist from Argentina. He has participated in projects at a number of universities including NYU, San Diego State University, UC Berkeley, the National University of Tucumán and Harvard University. He is the director of the Argentine Biennial of Documentary Photography and has exhibited work all across the Americas.

theatre: “tools for the performer/creator in the creative process”

Lead instructor: Miguel Rubio
February 19 – 22, times: 2:30-5:30 pm
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Geared toward the creation of solo pieces, the goal is to develop a set of tools for the performer/creator and director, to generate material on their feet, derived through improvisations.

Miguel Rubio is the director of Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani, one of the oldest and most important theatre collective in Latin America. They have been working since 1971 at the forefront of theatrical experimentation, political performance and collective creation and awarded Peru’s national honors for Human Rights in 1999.

voice training: “the body of voice”

Lead instructor: Teresa Ralli
February 19 – 22, times: 10am – 1pm
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An intense investigation based on movement, which works on building the muscle of one’s voice. Teresa Ralli has developed a technique based on the theatrical discoveries of Yuyachkani where the interplay between technique and sensitive/bodily memory is central to acting. This workshop discusses the need to find an ‘organic’ voice and the importance of vocal interpretation. Ralli believes actors must give the voice a task, a use of the text, and should take the voice out of its ‘normal space.

Teresa Ralli, founding member of Yuyachkani is one of Peru’s major theatre practitioners. She acts, creates, directs, sings, and participates in a vast repertoire of both European and Andean performance traditions. She has directed theatre workshops for disenfranchised women throughout Peru and has worked with the country’s Commission for Truth and Reconciliation.

stand up comedy for beginners

Lead Instructor: Martha Chavez
March 3 – 7, times: 1pm-5pm
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Whether or not you want to start hitting stand-up, open-mics or even pursue a career in stand-up comedy this workshop will teach you how to observe the world around you, and how to adjust these observations into comedy. This course will give participants more confidence in public speaking, a better understanding of audience psychology, gain experience in generating original material and have a greater appreciation for comedy!

Martha Chaves has been a professional comedian, touring as a headliner, for more than seventeen years. Her infectious, candid style, and her natural ability to relate to any audience have made her very popular at clubs, colleges, festivals, fundraisers, and corporate functions.

music: learning to play the gaita

Lead Instructors: Maria José Salgado and Urian Sarmiento
March 3 – 5, times: times: 2:30pm-5:30pm
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Gaita music is an ancestral tradition that is part of the mixed cultures of the Caribbean region of Colombia. Participants will learn to play the gaita, as well as history and musical theory surrounding the instrument.

Maria José Salgado is a professor in percussion and ensembles at the INCCA University of Colombia. Her main focus is in intercultural languages and musical fusions. Urián Sarmiento is the founder of Corporación Cultural Sonidos Enraízados and a member of Aterciopelados, winners of a 2006 Latin Grammy Award.