Wednesday November 20


Join us for two exciting evenings of dynamic theatrical and
multi-disciplinary performances-in-development by emerging
Indigenous creators! Learn about Animikiig Creators Unit here.

Seven Pieces
by Jenn Forgie

An interdisciplinary play about courage, healing, and reclamation. Through dynamic and nuanced physicality, vocal expression and breath as language, text, and elephants, Seven Pieces illustrates one woman’s story of dissociation and disconnection from her family, heritage and, primarily, her own Body as a result of childhood abuse as she begins her migration homeward within and towards her Self.

Dramaturg Marjorie Chan
Director Fides Krucker
Artistic Collaborator Heidi Strauss

Jenn Forgie is an interdisciplinary actor and writer of Métis, French and Scottish, Irish descent. She is passionate about the layers of what it means to have identity and belonging, with a focus on embodied belonging first and foremost to ones’ Self and Body, as is being explored in her current and first play, Seven Pieces. Jenn acknowledges the privilege she holds as someone who has dedicated years to her own healing journey to now tell this story through art as both writer and performer. 

by Ty Sloane

Ethan Par returns to his birthplace of Winnipeg where he reunites with his mom, Sharon, from Edmonton to celebrate the wedding of his godmother, Asha. A series of events lead Ethan to seek out his birth mother in hopes of finding proof of his Indigenous identity. What starts as a weekend of celebration and searching, soon becomes a weekend of tension, revelation of truth, and unexpected endings.

2018 Dramaturg Donna-Michelle St.Bernard

Ty Sloane is a Two-Spirit Non-Binary Mixed Race (Anishinaabe/Chinese/Greek/Irish) multi-disciplinary theatre / performance artist. They aim to emphasize marginalized voices that intersect: race; fluid sexualities; trans, non-binary, fluid gender expressions; non-monogamous relationships; and class. Select theatre credits include: workshop actor in Yolanda Bonnell’s Scanner (Factory Theatre); assistant directing Lilies; Or, the Revival of a Romantic Drama (Buddies in Bad Times, lemonTree creations, Why Not Theatre).

by Natalie Sappier-Samaqani Cocahq

A compilation of stories inspired by Samaqani Cocahq‘s family, community, and ancestral landscapes. MAW is a two-spirited being who travels in different times, entering different bodies and minds to find answers and understanding of their community upbringing and their mixed bloodline. This multi-disciplinary piece is about questioning and listening to what teachings need to resurface and be practiced.

Dramaturg/Collaborators Monique Mojica, Aria Evans
2018 Dramaturg Thomas Morgan Jones

Natalie Sappier is a Wolastoqiyik Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist from Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick. She began her art practice as a painter and designer, and is an alumnus of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Her first play Finding Wolastoq Voice was created with guidance of Thomas Morgan Jones as part of Theatre New Brunswick and Native Earth’s 2017/18 seasons. It was the first Wolastoqiyik play shown on New Brunswick stage, and will be part of the inaugural season of Indigenous Theatre at National Arts Centre.