In partnership with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Native Earth present the 2-Spirit Cabaret as part of Weesageechak Begins to Dance. A celebration of the strength, beauty, and talent of queer and 2-Spirit Indigenous people, the Cabaret features music, dance, drag, performance art, spoken word, poetry and comedy.

See 2-Spirit Cabaret 2019 Line-Up

Photos by Connie Tsang

See 2-Spirit Cabaret 2018 Line-Up

Photos by Dahlia Katz

See 2-Spirit Cabaret 2017 Line-Up

Photos by Jake Jamieson

See 2-Spirit Cabaret 2016 Line-Up

Photos by Connie Tsang

Native Earth and Buddies

Header image (L-R): Samantha Brown, Yolanda Bonnell by Dahlia Katz;
Cherish Violet Blood by Connie Tsang; Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone by Dahlia Katz;
Lacey Hill by Jake Jamieson; Cole Alvis, Michaela Washburn, Waawaate Fobister by Dahlia Katz; Miss Ellaneous by Connie Tsang; Brian Solomon by Dahlia Katz;
Waawaate Fobister by Jake Jamieson