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Presented by
Lawrence Shapiro & Maxine Heppner

June 27, 2016 at 8pm

Make a Reservation

A challenging dance research and creation project that began a few months ago when integrated arts performer Lawrence Shapiro challenged award-winning contemporary dance choreographer Maxine Heppner to research a new landscape of dance with him, one that includes his abilities and limitations being a one-legged dancer. Joining them are exceptional dancers Mateo Galindo-Torres and Suzanne Liska.

The inquiry: To make connections between disabled and abled-body movement worlds; to create dance studies of pure movement, and other dance studies that may have socio-political implications; to find ways to move through limitations and expand abilities to dance in all fullness; to discover how this work resonates with the public through this research-in-progress showing on June 27.

The work is raw in every way. On Monday June 27 at 8pm, we’ll swallow vulnerability to share our discoveries in this first showing.

Your insights and feedback are crucial to the development of this work and to continuing growth of integrated dance and all dance.

We hope that you can join us.

ASL Interpretation Provided.
Fully Accessible: More Information on the Venue.
The event is approximately 75 minutes.
Reception & discussion to follow the performance.

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Gratefully funded by the Ontario Arts Council Deaf & Disability Arts Projects, with thanks to Native Earth Performing Arts.

More about the work of Maxine Heppner: