Moving Blackness

Presented by COBA

March 23 – 25, 2017

If all lives matter, what stories do we carry as we celebrate blackness in a changing world?  Where do we find identity, associations, hope and love?

COBA presents a Season of Dance focused on the lived experiences of persons with a connection to blackness in the Canadian and Africanist realities. Moving Blackness: Identity, Hope and Love, explores the language of the body, social and political change in celebration of the importance of the African based influence on music and dance in three intriguing dance pieces featuring one world premiere and the reimagined work of “Meme: #OurLivesMatter, and the remount of Mande Variations which incorporates ‘urbanography’, a dance style of urban Africanist choreography,

The Collective never fails to deliver powerful performances that impress and develop a new appreciation for dance. Every piece stirs contemplation while creating excitement. COBA offers fine art in a form that is very unique and diverse, which is the reason COBA has proved to be such a valuable staple in dance and culture.

This show is family friendly.

Running time is approximately 80 mins.
There will also be one 15 minute intermission.


Regular $35
Seniors, Arts Workers, Students $25
Children $20
There will be a $3 ticket fee added to all tickets.


Purchases made online or by telephone are by credit card only.
At the door payments accepted by cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard.

Box Office Telephone: 416-531-1402
Email: boxoffice[at]

More information on ticket pick-up here.

COBA, Collective of Black Artists is dedicated to creating and presenting the finest traditions in dance and music that celebrate and reflect an Africanist aesthetic. More About COBA