The Crossing Where the Lotus Petal Meets

A Double Bill Featuring RAT NADI
& Ronald Taylor Dance

Presented by University of Toronto Scarborough

Wednesday March 23 
Tickets $5-$20


The Crossing Where the Lotus Petal Meets is a dance twin-bill focusing on Buddhist influence on music and dance. The artists blend the intimacy of performance whether in musical sharing and provocative dance.

Featuring RAT NADI (“Together as One”), a traditional gamelan ensemble, and the world premiere of Episode 2010 by Ronald Taylor Dance.

Running Time: 90 minutes plus a 15 minute Intermission


Tickets: $10-20 available here.
Student tickets available for $5 with valid ID.
Purchases made online or by telephone are by credit card only.
At the door payments accepted by cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard.
For information on group rates, call the box office at 416-531-1402.

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Balinese Gamelan Gendèr Wayang  

Gendèr wayang is one of the many kinds of tuned percussion ensembles, called gamelan, that are found on the small island of Bali in Indonesia. Rat Nadi (“Together As One”) is the name given to our group by one of the greatest exponents of gendèr wayang in Bali, the late I Wayan Konolan. The group comprises four members (John Carnes, James Kippen, Annette Sanger and Albert Wong) who have studied in Bali and North America with many master musicians.

In this concert we will play a variety of pieces from the broad repertoire of traditional pieces that date back hundreds of years. Some are slow, serious and ponderous, while others are speedy and virtuoso, with fast interlocking parts. Certain pieces have a specific place in the context of Bali’s famous shadow puppet plays while others are more commonly used in temple and life-crisis rituals, including tooth filings and funerals, that are so important in Bali’s version of the Hindu religion.

Ronald Taylor Dance

Message from the Artistic Director – Ronald A Taylor

Welcome to EPISODE 2010

It is with gratitude and heartfelt thanks that we conclude this series of lectures, dance classes and lecture demonstrations for the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus based on Buddhism and the Art of Dance. The series was developed by using a multidisciplinary approach of painting, dance and Buddhism as a way to figure out the true meaning of what connects us first of all, as members of a community, a country, and as members of the human condition, all expressed through choreographic language.

Episode 2010 embodies limitless spirituality and incorporates chanting, painting and movement, steeped in the realities of an adopted homeland Toronto, Canada. During the G8 summit, curiosity led to witnessing opposing forces of the protestors and police. There was conflict within the individuals and myself related to fright and the unknown. Navigating through a maze of confusion amongst chanting crowds, tear gas, smashed windows and a burning police car set in the background of noise, there are constant sounds of knocking their batons against shields and blocked streets by police on horses. This event provides ideas I can transfer it to the stage.