Aki Studio Update


On Wednesday May 30th in the early hours of the morning there was a fire in the Daniels Spectrum. Sprinklers were set off on the second floor, from where some water leaked down into Aki Studio. Fortunately our offices on the second floor were not affected.

Our insurance company and the restoration services company have assessed the situation, and remediation work is well underway. Some areas of the theatre were affected by the water.  There has been no leakage into any underlying structures, either under the floor or in the walls. There has been some minor, superficial damage to the space. Any carpeting that was wet is scheduled to be steam cleaned. The studio floor and the walls will also be repainted.

All of this, particularly the clearing up and repainting will take time. The insurance company and the restorers have been extremely cooperative and painstakingly thorough. The work in Aki Studio will be completed by the middle of June. The public will be given access to Daniels Spectrum at a later date. We consider ourselves very fortunate that the effect on our space was not significant, apart from overcoming time and logistical challenges.

We understand that within the community there is concern and questions about what has actually happened. The damage to Aki Studio was minimal. Insurance and remediation companies will test and confirm that there are no latent issues with damp or air quality, before the building is opened to the public. We do not foresee any long-term effects to the space, nor anticipate any impact upon our productions and rentals for the upcoming season.

We are deeply inspired by the local community and the arts community’s support of affected organizations. We also greatly appreciate Artscape’s cooperation and assistance during this time.



Keith Barker                                       Isaac Thomas
Artistic Director                               Managing Director