Cole Alvis

Cole is a Michif (Métis) theatre artist based in Tkarón:to with Chippewa, Irish, and English heritage from the Turtle Mountains. They are a leader of lemonTree creations, manidoons collective, Ad Hoc Assembly, and ran the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance from 2013-2017. Recently, they performed in Louis Riel (Canadian Opera Company/National Arts Centre), and directed the Dora nominated bug by Yolanda Bonnell (manidoons collective/Luminato), as well as Lilies; Or the Revival of the Romantic Drama by Michel Marc Bouchard (lemonTree creations, Why Not Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre). Next, they co-direct with Michael Greyeyes (Plains Cree) Two Odysseys: Pimooteewin / Gállábártnit, an Indigenous music drama with librettos by Tomson Highway (Cree) and Rawdna Carita-Eira (Sami), respectively, produced by Signal Theatre and Soundstreams Canada.

2019/20 Season: bug