Suzie Balogh

Suzie Balogh has been working as a Production Manager, Technical Director and Technician in Toronto’s theatre scene for the last ten years. She spent five of those years employed at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre working as the Chamber’s house technician.

She has been very lucky to work alongside many wonderful companies and artist over the years. Some of the festivals she has been involved in are Toronto Fringe Festival, Rhubarb Festival, Luminato Festival, SummerWorks Festival as well as the late Magnetic North Theatre Festival. In the past she has worked with companies such as B Current, JD Dance, Nightwood Theatre, lemonTree Creations, Sulong Theatre, Native Earth, Aluna Theatre, FuGen Theatre, Cahoots Theatre, Why Not Theatre, Quote Unquote Collective and many more. She recently collaborated with Aluna Theatre and Nightwood Theatre on The Solitudes.

2019/20 Season: This Is How We Got Here