Tara Sky

Tara Sky is an actor, singer, and beader. They grew up in Tkarón:to/Toronto, but their family is mostly from BC. They identify as Mixedblood Indigenous as they have, Haisla, Métis, Scottish, French, and Finish in them to name a few. They also Identify as 2Spirit, Genderqueer, and gay. 

They grew up as a second generation artist and are a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada for acting in 2019. Their current performing credits include: Reasonable doubt (Persephone Theatre); Think of the Children, Serious Money, 7 Stories, We came from dust (NTS); Holy Mothers (SummerWorks); Nativity (NAC). You can also catch them at the 2022 season at Stratford in the play 1939 written by Jani Lauzon and Kaitlyn Riordan. 

2021/22 Season: Where the Blood Mixes