Luu hlotitxw: Spirit Transforming

by Dancers of Damelahamid

April 21-23, 2016
Aki Studio


Choreographed by
Margaret Grenier in collaboration with Nigel Grenier and the Dancers of Damelahamid

Luu hlotitxw: Spirit Transforming is the signature dance work by the Dancers of Damelahamid. Deeply rooted in the timeless dance traditions of the Gitxsan, this work shares a personal journey of re-birth, and brings forth the rich expression of coastal dance, transformed.

Spirit Transforming is a meditation on introspection, self-discovery, and change that effects everyone. Interweaving powerful, traditional and contemporary practices and sophisticated modern technologies, Spirit Transforming tells the story of a young Indigenous man passing through trials. With the assistance of ancestors always by his side, the young man emerges transformed.

“There is a process in which one moves within to come out again as another, it is a process of re-birth. It is only when in these in-between places that we have the ability to redefine ourselves and move forward…this describes the process of Luu hlotitxw”

“Luu hlotitxw” (roughly translated as “spirit transforming”) describes the ‘in-between places’, and forms the premise and cultural foundation of the artistic processes of this dance piece. Indigenous dance practices will not transform set boundaries unless Indigenous peoples are in the places of transformation to redefine ourselves.

The spellbinding piece captivates from its opening moments, as the company’s women glide across the stage as a graceful pack of orca, singing a soulful incantation as they turn to reveal beautifully carved fins upon their backs.

Spirit Transforming 1Their dance beckons the audience to join them on a journey through a visually spectacular realm. Through clever construction, a canoe separates to become a pair of orca and a troubled youth’s mask falls away piece by piece to reveal a fresh new face. Through new technology, we are transported to an animated spirit world and a lake of rolling fog becomes the arena for a young man’s transformation.

It only takes the light of one young soul and they will come…

Dancers of Damelahamid would like to thank Canada Council for the Arts and British Columbia Arts Council for their generous support.

Running Time is 60 Minutes; No Intermission
Appropriate for All Audiences


Single Tickets $25 available online.
Double Bill with NGS (Native Girl Syndrome) $40 available by phone.
Thursday-Saturday at 7pm.
Purchases made online or by telephone are by credit card only.
At the door payments accepted by cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard.

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Dancers of Damelahamid are a professional Aboriginal dance company from the northwest coast of British Columbia. The Gitxsan, ‘people of the river of mists’ are part of the coastal group of cultures that have the distinctive button blanket regalia. Their rich history of masked dance inspires a compelling performance, celebrating the diversity and time depth of the many beautiful Indigenous cultures across Canada.

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Photos by Derek Dix