Past Productions

Generic Warrior And No-Name Indians

by Ben Cardinal
Directed by: Paul Thompson
Set and Lighting Design: Stephan Droege
Costume Design: Teresa Przybylski
Sound Design: Marsha Coffey
Prop Design: Stephan Droege and Teresa Przybylski
Toronto: Native Canadian Centre of Toronto*
January 20 – February 6, 1993
Jack Burning
Ben Cardinal
Lorne Cardinal
Sharon King
Doris Linklater
Vince Manitowabi
Michelle Thrush
Production Personnel:
Stage Manager – Jeffrey Trudeau
Apprentice SM – Gilbert Clements
Production Manager – John Kelly Cuthbertson
Props – Sarah Rotering and Ann Webster
Wardrobe – Joanne LeBlance
Sound Technician – Denise Bolduc
Graphic Design – David Beyer
Interim Artistic Director:
Tomson Highway

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