Made to Order

Made to Order is a program that caters to individual organizations, schools, businesses and more. The program was created so that everyone within Canada can book Native Earth for their event online or over the phone. Some examples of our past Made to Orders range from Savage, a piece about living as an Aboriginal homosexual in rural Canada, (for Fort Francis High School), to Taking Pride, a piece about school mascots and what it means to represent your culture, (for Westhill Collegiate), to Strong Medicine, a piece about traditional practices with tobacco, which played, (for The Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy Conference.)

We also offer a nice variety of professionally facilitated workshops some of which are: Traditional & Contemporary Dance, Aboriginal Singing & Drumming, and Improv. Be creative at your next event and have Native Earth create, illuminate, and send the audience home with the message you want. Contact Community Liaison, Aqua. Phone 416.531.1402 email

Photo of Jeremy Proulx (L), Falen Johnson (R) by Keith Barker