Mskomini Giizis Residency

2017 Artists in Residency:

We are pleased to announce that the Indigenous artist selected for our inaugural Mskomini Giizis Residency is Daniel David Moses and his hybrid performing and educational arts organization, ARTS&SCIENCE, which Moses founded with Colin Taylor.

During this residency, ARTS&SCIENCE will develop Moses’s play Crazy Dave Goes to Town. Crazy Dave tells the story of the family of renowned Indigenous author Basil Johnston. Through the stories of Johnston’s Uncle Dave and his grandmother, Rosa, we are given and engrossing, moving portrait of life on the reservation.  Crazy Dave was previously developed at the 27th Weesageechak Begins to Dance festival.

Basil Johnston is considered one of North America’s most renowned Indigenous authors and storytellers. He authored a dozen books, including The Manitous and Indian School Days. 




The Mskomini Giizis Residency is funded by the Metcalf Foundation’s 2016 Creative Strategies Incubator. This Residency offers Indigenous performing artist collectives a combination of space, resources, honorariums, travel and accommodation as they develop works  beyond development and the production phase. Through the Mskomini Giizis Residency Indigenous artists and collectives can take this time to  explore any aspect of the production. Don’t rush — take time and space to refine.

The inaugural Mskomini Giizis Residency is taking place in Aki Studio from July 3rd to 30th, 2017.  Artists interested in applying for future residencies should contact Keith Barker to discuss their project. 

Raspberry-TransparentMskomini Giizis (“Raspberry Moon”) is the seventh moon of Creation in July, when great changes begin. By learning gentleness and kindness, we may pass through the thorns of its brush and harvest its fruit, as we gain knowledge that will help in raising our families. Source: The 13 Grandmother Moon teachings are from Kinoomaadiewinan Anishinabek Bimaadinzinwin, Book Two. Author Arlene Berry.


Metcalf’s Creative Strategies Incubator program is designed to help professional performing arts companies explore new strategies for addressing longstanding sectoral issues. Through an accompanying Learning Network, participants are encouraged to nurture the organizational change that comes from developing and implementing innovation, and to foster a culture of shared learning among the sector at large.

The focus issue for the 2016 Creative Strategies Incubator is providing greater opportunities for artistic work to achieve its potential. We are pleased to introduce the six companies who will participate in the program and address this issue over the next three years. More About Metcalf Foundation