Native Earth is now accepting applications for Apprenticeships: Deadline August 15, 2012

Apprenticeship Call
August 15th, 2012

Native Earth Performing Arts is looking for a few good men and women that want to advance their knowledge of Theatre.

You must have drive and a willingness to learn and be taught. If you love theatre then you will love to be mentored by our experienced and professional artists.

This year we offer apprenticeships in Directing, Lighting and Set Design, Props, Dramaturgy and Project Management. These are all vastly different disciplines but all incredibly important when it comes to mounting successful theatre productions as Native Earth has been doing since 1982.

Applicants must have experience attending and working in theatre, on a community or professional level, and/or an education (formal or experiential) in theatre arts. The primary concern here is that the individual demonstrates a dedication to working in the theatrical arts.

As always, we start our work based in the 7 values that govern Native Earth     Courage, Generosity, Tolerance, Strength of Character, Patience, Humility and Wisdom.
You must be willing to work from there as well.

Send a two to three page statement:

Tell us which discipline interests you, why and what your goals are in it. Support this with an overview of your experience to date. What will you bring to the experience, and what do you hope to gain?

Talk about one or two theatre artists whose works you are familiar with and has impacted you. How has this informed your discipline?

Please contact Artistic Associate Craig Lauzon with any questions.
416-531-1402 or

Submissions are Due: August 15th 2012
Submissions should be sent by email to Artistic Associate Craig Lauzon at