Podcast 2014-2015

Our season 2014/2015 podcast series hosted by Jessica Lea Fleming.


gaganoonidiwag is an Ojibwe word meaning:
“they talk to each other, have a conversation.”

2014/2015 Season – Episode 6:
Directing & Dramaturging Stitch

For our final 2014-2015 season podcast, Jessica is joined by Director/Dramaturge for Cliff Cardinal’s Stitch, and Artistic Director for British Columbia’s Gateway TheatreJovanni Sy (pronounced SEE).  The two discuss how to stay fresh when returning to the same project, Sy’s approaches to dramaturgy and directing, and the relationship between engineering and theatre.

Bonus: For our on-going “Learn a Word” Jovanni teaches us how to say “stitch” in Mandarin.


 “The quick answer in how to evolve with it is total amnesia”
– Jovanni Sy, Director


2014/2015 Season – Episode 5:
Directing God and The Indian

On this episode Jessica is joined by director, actor, and documentary filmmaker, Renae Morriseau. Renae is in Toronto directing the Native Earth and Firehall Arts Centre cross-nation co-production of Drew Hayden Taylor’s God and The Indian. The two discuss Renae’s approach to directing, what it’s like taking a production from one city to another, and the experience of bringing audiences such a heartbreaking story.

Bonus: For our on-going “Learn a Word” Renae teaches us how to say “mother” and “all my relations” in Cree.

 “People gather together to witness a ceremony or to witness a story,
then they get to go out and
spread what that word is.”
– Renae Morriseau, Director


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2014/2015 Season – Episode 4:

After a short hiatus, Jessica is back with dramaturge, director, writer, actor, educator and co-founder of the Agokwe Collective, Ed Roy, to talk about the art of dramaturgy, working as a dramaturge with God and The Indian playwright Drew Hayden Taylor, Ed’s history working with Indigenous artists and what that has taught him.

Bonus: Listen through to the end to hear Native Earth Administrative Assistant Glen Bradley teach us a new word in Cayuga.

ed roy - sq “A dramaturge is not one thing, like any character is not just one thing. They become many different things.”
– Ed Roy, Dramaturge



2014/2015 Season – Episode 3:
Teachings & Technology

This week new media & performance artist Archer Pechawis (Cree) and The Unplugging playwright Yvette Nolan (Algonquin) sit down with Jessica (Métis) to discuss the relationship between traditional Indigenous teachings and technology.

Bonus: Listen through to the end, when we are joined by a very special guest, Archer’s mom, who teaches us how to say Spring or
“the beginning of new growthin Cree.

 “If the Higgs boson is a spirit, then everything else is a spirit.”
– Archer Pechawis

Archer will be one of the guest panelists on Sunday March 29th panel about Teachings & Technology, a FREE event taking place following the performance of The Unplugging. If you want to ask him any questions about what you’ve heard on this podcast, join us!

 2014/2015 Season – Episode 2:
Women in Theatre

Jessica is joined by theatre critic and arts journalist Carly Maga and Algonquin playwright and cultural leader Yvette Nolan in this jam-packed episode about aging women in society, female voices in theatre criticism, and how a post-apocalyptic world might be.

“I don’t know why we would do this except to be heard.”
– Yvette Nolan

Carly will be one of the guest panelists on Wednesday March 25th panel about The Role of Aging Women in Society, a FREE event taking place following the performance of The Unplugging. If you want to ask her any questions about what you’ve heard on this podcast, join us!

2014/2015 Season – Episode 1:
Inside Designs for The Unplugging

Our guests for our first episode are key players in our co-production of The Unplugging by Yvette Nolan with Factory: Nina Lee Aquino (Director, Factory Artistic Director), Camellia Koo (Set Designer), and Joanna Yu (Costume Designer). In this episode you can hear how these artists begin to design for a production,  what is a “design jam,” some of the inspirations for designs for The Unplugging, and more!

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