Native Earth Presents: gaganoonidiwag

In our Season 2015-2016 podcast series hosted by Yolanda Bonnell, we invite a guest to our studio to discuss a topic of interest.


gaganoonidiwag is an Ojibwe word meaning:
“they talk to each other, have a conversation.”

Episode 2: Fear

As a major theme in our current season-opening production Huffplaywright/performer Cliff Cardinal and director/dramaturge Karin Randoja join Yolanda Bonnell in studio to talk about fear. The three discuss where fears originate, if its possible to overcome a fear, and what makes them afraid,

 “I think fear is the basic motivator of everything.”
– Karin Randoja, Director/Dramaturge


Episode 1: Leaving Your Mark

New host, Yolanda Bonnell, welcomes her first guest, Alex Williams, to talk about being remembered.  Alex is the Sound Designer for our season opening production of Cliff Cardinal’s Huff and the two discuss online profile management, leaving a mark with your work, and whether it is possible to control how you’ll be remembered.

 “Would I be remembered for that post?”
– Alex Williams, Sound Designer



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