Presented by Native Earth, Le Théâtre Français de Toronto, in association with Luminato Festival

June 8 – 10, 2023


“Choosing silence to hear something beautiful”: that’s the meaning of Aalaapi in Inuktitut. This play combines documentary and radio testimonies to immerse audiences in the daily lives of five young women from Nunavik who share their lives between the North and the South. These intimate portraits, depicted with speech, sound and silences, reveal the richness of their history and the power of their future.

80 minutes

Olivia Ikey
and Nancy Saunders

Production Collectif Aalaapi 
Original Idea Laurence Dauphinais and Marie-Laurence Rancourt 
Direction Laurence Dauphinais

Radio documentary directed by Magnéto –Marie-Laurence Rancourt and Daniel Capeille
Assistant Director Charlie Cohen
Set Design Assistant Nancy Saunders
Translated by Brett Donahue and Nicolas Pirti-Duplessis
Animation Camille Monette-Dubeau
Tour Manager Charlotte Ménard and Sandy Caron
Technical Director and Lighting Manager on tour Romane Bocquet
Sound and video on tour Joël Lavoie and Fabien Locas
Stage Manager Jasmine Kamruzzaman
Performed by Angel Annanack and Nancy Saunders
Set Design Odile Gamache
Set Design assistance Nancy Saunders
Lighting Design Chantal Labonté
Music Antonin Wyss
Video Guillaume Vallée
NEPA commissioned artwork Chief Lady Bird

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Baribeau
Header Visual by Chief Lady Bird