They Know Not What They Do

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Written by Tara Beagan

Produced by Native Earth Performing Arts

from September 30

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Available from September 30, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, They Know Not What They Do, by Siminovitch Award laureate and former NEPA Artistic Director, Tara Beagan, follows three separate yet parallel journeys through Residential School. Stories of survival weave through time, and as we hear from Elders in the present day and moments in their own voices as small children, we are reminded that these atrocities were perpetrated on vulnerable young people. Within these stories of survival live the strength and wisdom of our ancestors, past, present, and future.


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40 Minutes

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Playwright Tara Beagan
Director Desirée Leverenz
Stage Manager Wei Qing Tan
Sound Designer Colanthony Humphrey
Sound Design Mentor Miquelon Rodriguez
Dramaturg Andy Moro
Performers Cheri Maracle, Damion LeClair, Cherish Violet Blood

Visual Art by Mishiikenh Kwe