Native Earth is run by a team of dedicated artistic administrative staff who are working theatre practitioners. We are also supported by a strong and vibrant volunteer base.

Artistic Director
Keith Barker

Managing Director
Isaac Thomas

Artistic Associate
Lisa Nasson

Venue Coordinator
Bryan-Clifford Batty

Marketing Coordinator
Mirae Lee

Patron Services Coordinator
Alexander Franks

Patron Services Representatives
Jessica Bowmer
Rebecca Cuddy
Sophie Dow
Chanakya Mukherjee
Joelle Peters
Elizabeth Staples
Kaitlynn Tomaselli

Administrative Assistant
Chanakya Mukherjee

Animikiig Creators Unit Director
Diana Belshaw

Weesageechak 31 Festival Producer
Ulla Laidlaw

2018-2019 Season Visuals by Mariah Meawasige
Design by Harley Haskett