Sarah Choi

Patron Services Coordinator
416-531-1402 ext. 23

Sarah is an independent Korean-Canadian filmmaker born in Seoul. Growing up in various cities in Korea, America, and Canada, Sarah developed a nomadic sense of identity and a passion for diversity, art, and storytelling. Upon graduating from university with a degree in biology, she made a leap of faith by moving to New York City to pursue her Masters in Documentary Filmmaking. Sarah is fascinated by the world of dance, and loves to tell stories through this art form.

In 2011, Sarah won the Best Director Award for her short documentary, 26 & Never Been Kissed, at the Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival. Her dance short, Second Wind, was featured on Huffington Post and Eye on Dance. In 2015, Sarah’s dance film, Gloria, was selected and screened at various film festivals including Newport Beach Film Festival, Victoria Film Festival, and The Americas Film Festival of New York. Sarah is the founder of Lights Dance Festival and Sooper Slooth.

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