Zoe Marín

Marketing Coordinator

Zoe Marín is an Argentine-American theatre artist and comedian. She is also an occasional theatre critic and Substack blogger. Recent credits include: “Internet Sensation” (Paprika Festival) and “Do You Think You’re Better Than Me?” (Toronto Fringe, Hamilton Fringe, Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival). She is an Artistic Producer for First Born Theatre Company, and will be directing their production of “GRINGAS” at Toronto Fringe and Hamilton Fringe 2024. Zoe also co- facilitates FBT’s Playwriting Roundtable, which had a public reading in June.

Zoe loves: horror, comedy, music, politics, and pop culture, and hopes you see that in her work. You can catch her performing throughout Toronto with her sketch troupe “Small Friend Tall Friend”! Her dream in life is to have the username @zmar across all social media platforms.

instagram: zmar_
instagram: smallfriend.tallfriend