“…a down-to-earth drama that is as hopeful as it is mournful, full of life and lovable characters”
– J.Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail

“The dextrous telling of a familiar story…how reconnecting is not only possible but necessary.”
– Lisa McKeown, Now Magazine

“[The play] is, existentially, a much bigger, more complex, mystifying and inexplicable phenomenon…a real story, beautifully told.”
–Carly Maga, Toronto Star

“Keith Barker’s meditation on grief is lyrical and haunting [The] production gives the script the sensitive treatment it deserves, resulting in an experience that feels both sorrowful and healing.”
Ilana Lucas, Mooney on Theatre

“Subtle, compelling, destined to be an instant classic, beautifully nuanced performances deliver an insightful and surprising script full of humanity. It tells us a story of resilience and loss from the perspective of those left behind. There are no easy answers, no artificial solutions. This is amongst the best new plays by a First Nations writer I have seen anywhere in the world.”
– Wesley Enoch, Artistic Director Sydney Festival

“This is How We Got Here’ is beautiful in its fragility and unforgettably haunting at its emotional core.”
– Joseph Szekeres, OnStage Blog

“Native Earth rounds up the perfect quartet to burrow for truth in what it means to be human in a story that’s every bit funny as it is uplifting when compassion is warmly discovered on the other side.”

“The play’s abundant humour is not an easy escape from the pain of its characters, but allows for a fuller understanding of it. It is, like the people it carefully observes, both tough and loving.”
Istvan Dugalin

“[The play] lifts the spirit, opens the heart, and deepens the desire to connect with each other.”
– Arpita Ghosal, Sesaya

“…utterly riveting and forever memorable. You let us into a place that hummed with the moment to moment lives of Lucille, Liset, Paul, and Jim. I feel I know them. I feel I know Craig. Thank you for writing this beautiful, shattering, graceful story and gratitude to the actos who tell it with huge quiet generosity and love.”
– Audience Member

“Strong work and strong performances. Sad, poignant, funny. I’m still processing the ideas days later.”
– Audience Member

“…Nothing short of breath catching”
– My Entertainment World

Keith Barker has a voice that deserves attention
– Derrick Chua, Intermission Magazine

Entirely relatable, heart-wrenchingly frank, and dazzlingly honest. What makes it special is how deftly Barker navigates emotional sucker punches, while each of his characters deal with their own shortcomings and gifts, and utterly without judgement from the author.” 
– Tara Beagan, theatre artist & co-founder of ARTICLE 11

January 26-February 16, 2020
Aki Studio