Past Productions

Time Stands Still (Workshop Production)

by Terry Ivins
Directed by Doris Peltier
Set and Costume Design: Lin Joyce
Lighting Design: David Sweeney
Sound Design: David DeLeary
Toronto: Native Canadian Centre of Toronto*
January 31 – February 3, 2002
Sam Bob
Glen Gould
John Allen Cameron (Cameo)
Tom Hill (Cameo)
Jack Layton (Cameo)
Nigel Shawn Williams (Cameo)
Production Personnel:
Stage Manager – Lin Joyce
Asst. Stage Manager – Jacquie Carpenter
Asst. Stage Manager – Bruce Miller
Production Manager – Lin Joyce
Technical Director – Tom Funnel
Head of Sound – Andy Byles
Artistic Director:
Doris Peltier
Interim General Manager:
Carol Rowntree

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