Turtlesback is a digital exploration of the histories, languages and cultures of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Turtlesback uses leading-edge interactive technologies to share stories and knowledge with visitors to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Indigenous experience in Canada.


  • GPS Smart Phone Application
    Discover the location of First Nations across Canada with the Native Earth GPS app. The app also provides greetings in a variety of Indigenous languages.
  • Web-Optimized Video Plays
    Learn about the challenges facing many Indigenous people in Canada by watching two web-optimized videos featuring plays written by Yvette Nolan, an award-winning playwright, director, dramaturg and educator of Algonquin and Irish decent. 
  • Turtlesback Game
    This interactive game guides players through four phases of Sky Woman creation story.


Turtlesback is a result of a partnership between Native Earth Performing Arts and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, both of Toronto.

Funding for the project was provided by both the partners and Canadian Heritage.

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