Thursday November 12 & Saturday November 14

a new dance creation by Lara Kramer

“An enchanting and provocative experience.”
– Review by the McGill Tribune

Searching the boundaries and desires, restraints and fears pertaining to freedom of expression, Lara Kramer along with her collaborators will explore reactions within a universe of personal confinement. Floating through states, the characters in this work navigate through and indulge in their psychosis. Filled with ambiguity, humor and colourful perversion. A voyeuristic journey for the viewer.

TAME3_Robert-Zbikowski_online TAME

Performed & created in collaboration with Angie Cheng, Karina Iraola and Amélie Rajotte; Photos by Robert Zbikowski

Thursday November 12 @ 7:30 PM | Aki Studio | Tickets $15
Saturday November 14 @ 7:30 PM | Aki Studio | Tickets $15

Lara Kramer is the Choreographer and Artistic Director of
Lara Kramer Danse, based in Montreal. Kramer is a First Nation (Ojibwa/Cree) choreographer whose work is intimately linked to memory and her Aboriginal roots. Her work is political and potent. Political issues surrounding Canada and First Nations Peoples. Kramer has been recognized as a Human Rights Advocate
through the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre.

Lara Kramer Danse is supported by Conseil des art et des lettres du Quebec. Lara Kramer Danse would like to thank the MAI (Montreal, arts interculturel) and Circuit-Est Centre de Choreography for the creation residencies and to Robert Zbikowski Photography.

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