2017/2018 Season Weesageechak

Alanis King: “Illuminating and Invigorating”

Weesageechak 30 welcomes many familiar faces, including former Artistic Director Alanis King. The Odawa playwright brings her latest work, Bury which is an ode to the reclamation of the Anishinaabe language and a celebration of the resilience of those who have lived through the residential school system.

Inspired by her mother, her aunties and their friends, Bury brings their experiences at residential schools in the 40’s to the forefront, and highlights their resilience as children during that time. The play contributes to the theme of reconciliation through King’s Anishinaabe background.

Returning to Weesageechak, King is excited to be part of the festival – to be part of the milieu of sharing new work and seeing what others are up to, but most importantly, participating in a festival which focuses on feedback, exploration and public response. “To me, that’s an amazing treat after the playwriting isolation stage.”

We’re also excited to host King again and to share a workshop preview of her latest work – Make sure to catch Bury on Thursday, November 16th!

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Who is your Indigenous role model? How do they inspire you?
Pam Palmateer and Cindy Blackstock – because they both fight endlessly against government’s historic and systemic racism within Canada’s institutions, they are crusaders and champions with big bullhorns.

Where do you find your inspiration for your creative work?
From my life and Anishinaabe heroes, language and culture.

Do you have any advice for Indigenous creators just coming onto the scene?
Take it one play at a time.

What are your thoughts on addressing political topics through Indigenous art?
Since the Indian Act, we are walking through political topics. Scriptwriting allows you to be political without having to practice law or run for public office. Our voices matter, no matter how it is expressed.

What does Indigenous art mean to you?
Everything. It’s illuminating and invigorating.

See Alanis King’s Bury on
Thursday, November 16th @ 7:30pm