2017/2018 Season Weesageechak

Brefny Caribou: “Ask Yourself Uncomfortable Questions”

We’re thrilled to welcome emerging playwright Brefny Caribou and her latest work Bad Indian. Over the past three years, Caribou has been developing the play  inspired by her own experiences as a young Cree/Irish woman.

Delving into a myriad of mixed-race experiences, Bad Indian takes us through a woman’s quest of understanding where she belongs in the paradox of Canada’s “national identity.”

“My fuel for this piece has continued to be in asking myself uncomfortable questions – about my identity, my upbringing, my privilege – and asking myself where my voice belongs. I seek to expose the parts of me that have been steeped in colonialism, internalized racism, as I seek to better understand where I have come from in order to help forge a path forward.”

Working with Artistic Director Keith Barker, Caribou is looking for feedback from the audience, especially from the community of Indigenous creators.

“I hope to share part of my journey with an audience, and perhaps inspire others to keep asking uncomfortable questions of each other, and most importantly of themselves.”

Brefny Caribou‘s reading of The Bad Indian will be presented on Thursday, November 23rd.

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Where do you find your inspiration for your creative work?
My work is very personal. I have the overwhelming desire to be explicitly understood. I find inspiration in the stories I want someone to hear. Moments, memories, and questions I have. I want to share them and ask, “Like, right?! Or…?” I just want to share these things with people, an audience, and make those connections.

What is your most memorable performance?
Well, I just finished a production of Almighty Voice and His Wife. Holy moly. What a piece. I’m pretty proud of the work I did. Steep learning curve. Incredibly challenging, yet so much fun. What else could you want? What a gift.

Who is your Indigenous role model? How do they inspire you?
There are many female Indigenous theatre creators that I social media lurk and adore, and am constantly inspired by. But above anyone else, my role model would have to be my mother. Her story is amazing. She is a passionate, resilient, and tenacious Cree woman. She leads by example.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Breathe. I know that is super actor-y of me to say, but it has yet to fail me.

What are your thoughts on addressing political topics through Indigenous art?
Do it. Or don.’t.

What is coming up next for you?
I’d like to go somewhere sometime soon, that’d be lovely.

You can catch Brefny Caribou’s Bad Indian on
Thursday, November 23rd @ 7:30pm