Thursday November 15


by Waawaate Fobister

Gashkigwaaso explores the resilience of the Anishinaabe people of Grassy Narrows and the ways in which they are stitching their fractured landscapes back together.

This multidisciplinary piece enlivens Omaagomaan, a two-spirit being, and a manifestation of the earth and man-made poisons that have seeped into the earth’s crust. It is a man, woman, landscape, and mercury poison interwoven into one being. A fierce shape-shifter inspired by Anishinaabe mythology, Omaagomaan forces us to watch the maanaadizi (ugly) and the onizhishi (beautiful) collide.

Choreographer/Performer: Waawaate Fobister
Dramaturg/Outside Eye: Troy Emery Twigg
Lighting Designer: Cimmeron Meyer

Waawaate Fobister is an actor, dancer, playwright, choreographer, and producer. Waawaate means Northern Lights, and he is a proud Anishinaabe from Grassy Narrows First Nation. He’s a recipient of two Dora awards for Outstanding Actor and Play for Agokwe, and has many nominations including Ontario Premiers’ Award, K.M. Hunter Award, and Sterling Award (Edmonton). He trained and studied at Humber College, Banff Centre for the Arts, Toronto Dance Theatre, CIT, and Kaha:wi Dance Theatre.

They Are Still Talking
by Maura García Dance

Long before we were born, our ancestors’ prayers willed us into existence. An innovative multimedia dance performance featuring Maura García’s compelling choreography and Lindy Kinoshameg’s enchanting shadow puppets, They Are Still Talking is a 4-part homage to our connection to our ancestors through air, gesture, intergenerational trauma, and laughter.

We are physically formed from all that our ancestors were. As we speak, the air that travels through our bodies carries their essence. They are still talking.

Choreographer/Dancer: Maura García
Puppet Designer/Master Puppeteer: Lindy Kinoshameg
Sound Artist/Composers: Mark Gabriel Little, Adrian Dion HarjoAmado Espinoza
Costume Designer: Mona Cliff

Maura García (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet) is a dancer, a choreographer, and the Artistic Director of Maura García Dance (MGD). Her work is powered by a desire to perpetuate ancestral knowledge, actively respect the living earth, and further social justice. Maura’s artistic creations reflect the power of stories to form and change our realities. Through narrative driven choreography, she seeks to form connections, empower Indigenous cultural values, and explore the rhythms of the natural world.

Maura García Dance (MGD) offers performances featuring choreographic works of Maura and collaborating artists. From compelling solos to multi-sensory, experiential ensemble shows, MGD provides deeply engaging performances for the stage, the out-of-doors, and in response to specific places and events.

In The Abyss
by Aria Evans

In The Abyss looks at the scientific fact as well as the beautiful metaphor that we are all made of stardust. With research about the galaxies and how our world came to be, an intergalactic guide will take audiences on a sci-fi adventure through four worlds where they will learn about the concepts that bind our universe while we encounter four intergalactic characters with universal experiences to share.

In The Abyss was also created with Irwin Chow and Jesse Dell
Outside Eye: Julia Sasso
Composer: Babak Taghinia

Dramaturg: Gein Wong
Co-Creators/Dancers: Aria Evans, Ana Groppler, Syreeta Hector, David Norsworthy

Aria Evans (Mi’kmaq/Black/settler heritage) is a Toronto-based
multidisciplinary artist working in film, dance creation and
performance. Aria is Artistic Director of the Go To Company where
collaboration is the departure point to the work that she creates. Her works have been presented on Turtle Island and in Europe with some of the nation’s leading arts institutions and organizations.