Friday November 16


Native Earth + Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Hosted & Curated by Michaela Washburn

We are proud to partner once again with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre to present the 3rd edition of the 2-Spirit Cabaret. A celebration of strength, beauty, and talent of queer and 2-Spirit Indigenous people, this evening will be filled with music, dance, spoken word, performance art, and comedy. For photos from previous 2-Spirit Cabaret, visit here.

Host & Curated by Michaela Washburn

A proud Métis of English, Irish, French and Cree descent, Michaela Washburn is a multi-nominated, award-winning actor who has performed internationally at festivals and theatres in Wales, Aruba and across Canada and the United States. Her expertise spans across theatre, film, spoken word and numerous other art forms.

Upcoming, Washburn can be seen premiering Grace with Nightwood, remounting this year’s SummerWorks Festival Production Winner Lost Together at the Progress Festival, followed by the premiere of Guarded Girls with Tarragon and Green Light Arts.


Cole Alvis

Cole is a Michif (Métis) theatre artist based in Tkarón:to with Chippewa, Irish and English heritage from the Turtle Mountains. They are one of the leaders of lemonTree creations, manidoons collective, Ad Hoc Assembly, and previous leaders of the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (2013-2017). Recently they performed in Louis Riel (Canadian Opera Company/National Arts Centre) and directed bug by Yolanda Bonnell (manidoons collective/Luminato). Next, they will direct Lilies by Michel Marc Bouchard (lemonTree creations/Why Not Theatre/Buddies in Bad Times).

Binaeshee-Quae Couchie-Nabigon

Binaeshee-Quae (Loon Clan) is a singer, story/songwriter, actor and community arts enthusiast from Biigtigong First Nation. Exploring multiple ways of expression and connection pumps their “Art-Heart”. Binaeshee-Quae’s music is often described as haunting; the sound swaying between root and bud with onomatopoeically crafted lyrics. There are plans to release new works in the coming year but their first album “Ooof” can be found here and on iTunes.

GARY (Rebecca Benson & Cris Derksen)

GARY is a new project by Rebecca and Cris that explores the intimacy of contemporary Indigenous sounds in the urban chaos of now.

Waawaate Fobister

Waawaate Fobister is an actor, dancer, playwright, choreographer, and producer. Waawaate means Northern Lights, and he is a proud Anishinaabe from Grassy Narrows First Nation. He’s a recipient of two Dora awards for Outstanding Actor and Play for Agokwe, and has many nominations including Ontario Premiers’ Award, K.M. Hunter Award, and Sterling Award (Edmonton). He trained and studied at Humber College, Banff Centre for the Arts, Toronto Dance Theatre, CIT, and Kaha:wi Dance Theatre.

Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone

Aqua is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, artist and activist, and a strong Anishinaabe Kwe, also known as Nibii Waawaaskone ~ Water Flower. She originates from North Bay where she was raised by her single Mom Waabishkaasin Kwe ~ White Stone Woman. Aqua is a two-spirit woman of mixed ancestry: Ojibwe Métis with French and Scottish heritage. She has created a life filled with her love of creation. She is a hand drummer and hand drum maker, and has shared her joy for drumming with the community in circles all over the country.

Brian Solomon

Brian is an award-winning creator of Anishinaabe and Irish descent, born in remote community Shebahonaning located in the Manitoulin district of Northern Ontario. He has presented his multidisciplinary works (Visual Art / Theatre / Dance) across Turtle Island, Europe and South America. He is passionate about helping people relearn about their forgotten bodies, and take back the space those bodies occupy. Find our more at

Special Performance: An excerpt of White Girls in Moccasins
Yolanda Bonnell

Yolanda is a Queer Ojibwe/South Asian performer and creator based in Toronto. Her solo show bug just completed a tour on the unceded Coast Salish territories, followed by a premiere in the Luminato Festival. She was also a part of Factory Theatre’s The Foundry, where her play Scanner continues to be developed.

White Girls in Moccasins

Miskozi is an Indigenous girl who feels white on the inside. She feels like a fraud for not understanding her culture. Waabishkizi is Miskozi’s inner white girl; an ethereal manifestation made up of all the white culture that she’s been submerged in.

White Girls in Moccasins is a journey of self-discovery and identity told through humour, movement, song, poetry and Wheel of Fortune. How do you stay connected to your culture and find your roots growing up in a white-washed world?

The excerpt chosen is 3 different scenes from the full script that happen during Miskozi’s search and journey through her memories.

White Girls in Moccasins was developed at Native Earth’s Animikiig Creators Unit, and was presented at Buddies’ Rhubarb Festival.

Featuring: Samantha Brown & Kathleen MacLean

Samantha Brown

Samantha is Anishinaabe and European descent from Onaping, Ontario. She is a graduate of the York University Acting Conservatory. Most recent credits include: Ipperwash by Falen Johnson (Kwe), Two Indians by Falen Johnson (Roe), Kamloopa by Kim Senklip Harvey (Kilawna). This is her fourth year working in Weesageechak. Samantha is always so honoured to bring these developing works to life. Miigwetch.

Kathleen MacLean

Kathleen is a Métis 2-Spirit artist originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Kathleen recently graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal and made the move to Toronto at the beginning of September. Kathleen would like to thank Jani Lauzon and Keith Barker for reaching out and helping her become a part of the festival. Thank you also to everyone who is a part of the festival and those in attendance! Kinanâskomitin.