Saturday November 12

IndigiBabes Burlesque: Not Your Sacred Objects

by Denise B. McLeod/ Madam Ode'miin Surprise!

The IndigiBabes are a Toronto based burlesque collective made up of Indigenous artists, activists and aunties interested in empowering themselves and their communities, by challenging the dominate culture narratives of Indigenous 2 Spirit, Trans and Cis Women.

Through performances, community outreach, and shared knowledge, IndigiBabes Burlesque’s vision is to create safer spaces for Indigenous people to celebrate each other and participate in ceremony. The Indigibabes are about reclaiming Indigenous sexuality, sensuality, gender expression and storytelling through the art of Burlesque.

Creator and Performer Denise B. McLeod/ Madam Ode’miin Surprise
Performers Krysta Williams, Kahsenniyo Kick, Red Wolf, Neno Freebird, Jennifer Alicia Murrin, Belle Jumelles

Madam Odemiin Surprise! is a dream brought into reality as an act of reclamation and self love by creator Denise B. McLeod of IndigiBabes Burlesque.  

Proud Urban 2 Spirit Anishinaabe Kwe, who’s home territory is Sagamok Anishnawbek F.N located on the north shore of Lake Huron. Denise along with her comedy sisters founded Manifest Destiny’s Child Comedy Collective in 2017. New to Burlesque, but not to the limelight, this mega babe has graced the cover of Now magazine’s 2021 Love Your Body Issue.  Having completed Belle Jumelles’ Burlesque 101 class and Indigenous Women in Community Leadership at Coady Institute, Madam wanted to create space for other Indigenous babes to take to the stage and join her on her body reclamation journey.Her style of burlesque is a combination of sultry struts, impeccable musical timing, and a keen ear for a really good song.  Give her a Follow on Instagram @db.mcleod because you don’t want to miss what this artist has in store!

Musical Performance

by Rebecca Hope

Rebecca Hope is Algonquin First Nations and Mixed Settler, as well as an award winning Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist. In 2019, she graduated from the University of British Columbia in English Literature and Creative Writing. She now resides in Toronto where she works as a performer for a booking agency and pursues her music career. She has won the Live Performance category of the Canadian Songwriting Competition, worked as an artist in residence for Buffy Sainte Marie and Toronto Metropolitan University, and performs regularly for performing arts festivals in Canada. Rebecca believes music is a tool to cope with life’s ups and downs and openly shares her experiences with physical and mental health, overcoming trauma and heartbreak, and personal healing. Listening to her songs can help others feel less alone, and her incredible storytelling and raw vocals convey a sense of self and strength we can all learn from. Rebecca Hope inspires and empowers others to tell their truth, own their power, and chase their dreams.

Musical Performance

by Lacey Hill

Lacey Hill  
This Oneida/Mohawk Wolf Clan, Six Nations born and bred independent singer/songwriter describes her music as “Indigenous Soul” grown from a passion for making music since she was a little girl. Through the years Lacey paid her dues singing backup for local Six Nations bands like The Healers performing cover songs, and has established herself as one of only a few female musical talents to roll out album after original album from her community. There is no denying the amount of heart Lacey bleeds into each album; 528 Vol I in 2013, “M” released in 2017 available on iTunes, and 528 Vol II The Moon as her newest independent release October 2022. In between each album, Lacey makes a point of hitting the road with her music and continues to expand her fanbase not only locally but internationally with shows in Australia, Edinburgh, New York and central and western Canada.