Weaving Reconciliation

A Vancouver Moving Theatre Production

Presented in partnership with Native Earth
and in association with Jumblies Theatre


June 2018
Aki Studio


Weaving Reconciliation gives voice to those who have lived within and around Canada’s long shadow of colonization. A contemporary weaving together of theatre, Indigenous cultural practices and lived experience, this multi-disciplinary production is about our hopes for a good future guided by the principles of our cultural past.

Weaving Reconciliation unfolds through the eyes of Old One, whose life story interweaves with his healing journey as he opens up to life’s regrets and hopes.

Created by an award-winning team of director Renae Morriseau (Cree Saulteaux), Rosemary Georgeson (Coast Salish/Dene Sahtu) and Savannah Walling, Weaving Reconciliation features a diverse cast of Vancouver urban Indigenous actors, Downtown Eastside poets, Elders and cultural carriers from Vancouver and Toronto. Weaving Reconciliation is accompanied by a multi-media interactive installation from from Jumblies’ Talking Treaties project, led by Ange Loft.