Saturday November 21

by Garret C. Smith

Deadbeats, takes place two years after the signing of Treaty 7 when Blackfoot Nation(s) are starving, sick and desperate to provide for their families. Deadbeats follows three men who have volunteered to travel south in search of the ever-decreasing buffalo. An unfortunate accident forces them to change plans and the discovery of a dark secret pushes them to commit acts of dishonesty.

garret picGARRET C. SMITH
Garret is a proud Blackfoot from the Peigan and Blood tribes of southern Alberta. “I’d like to thank NEPA for their continued support of Deadbeats, my first play, and the many friends/colleagues who have helped along the way.” Recent theatre credits include Making Treaty 7 A Collective (MT7 Cultural Society); Deceitful Above All Things by Genevieve Adams (Summerworks); Thunderstick by Kenneth T. Williams (CIT).

by Kenneth T. Williams

In Care is a play about a mother’s struggles to get her children out of foster care, and the system’s power over her and the others who claim they want to help her.

Kenneth T. Williams

Kenneth T. Williams is a Cree playwright from the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan, and is the first Indigenous person to earn an M.F.A. in playwriting from the University of Alberta. His plays Café Daughter, Gordon Winter, Thunderstick, Bannock Republic, Suicide Notes and Three Little Birds have been produced across Canada.

Saturday November 21 @ 7:30 pm | Aki Studio | Tickets $15